Conferencing that Includes Everything

ReadyTalk is a provider of audio and web conferencing services and you are being offered discounted rates on our services.

You'll find a variety of uses:

  • Host meetings on the fly
  • Record meetings for accurate records and playback
  • Give presentations to anyone, anytime, anywhere

Special Pricing Available

Audio Conferencing: .04¢ per minute
Web Conferencing Options: 08¢ per minute or
Web meeting pro (25) with 1000 toll-free audio minutes $49
Web meeting pro (150) with 2500 toll-free audio minutes $99

What Our Customers Say

We chose ReadyTalk as a partner to provide us with a reliable platform for large webinars and to provide our members with content and resources. [Our webinars are] educational tools which are the perfect solution to the shrinking travel budgets [of] most organizations. We can have thousands (yes, thousands) of people join a webinar and be confident in the quality, sound and participant's experience. In fact,we recently had a live webcast with more than 1,800 attendees. Everything was flawless.

Karen Gwynne, Director of Sponsorship