What is ReadyTalk?

ReadyTalk's user-friendly services include:
  • Toll-free, On Demand Teleconferencing - no need to schedule a call
  • Easy Web Conferencing - show slides, share documents, or host Web seminars
  • Recording/Playback - 1-click access for board calls, capturing meeting minutes, archiving events, and advocacy information
  • Dedicated Training and Live Technical Support - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
How Can I Use ReadyTalk?

Your nonprofit colleagues are using ReadyTalk to:
  • Hold Web seminars to generate interest in programs and initiatives
  • Disseminate information to geographically-dispersed members
  • Save time and money by cutting down on travel
  • Organize board and chapter meetings
  • Recruit and provide orientation to members and volunteers
  • Record advocacy appeals and send them out in newsletters
UC Berkeley has chosen ReadyTalk as a preferred provider of web and audio conferencing.

ReadyTalk is an award winning teleconferencing and web conferencing service provider, who takes a personal approach to serving and ensuring their customer's success. That's why ReadyTalk has become a preferred provider for educational organizations ranging from Education Affiliates to the University of California.

Conduct highly effective and cost efficient meetings with ReadyTalk's global teleconferencing service.

  • Meet anytime without a reservation, mute noisy participants and dial-out to connect new participants into an existing conference call.
  • Record the conference for attendees who could not make it to keep everyone connected
  • Review budgets, evaluate program documents, conduct training with slide presentations, assess website content and much more with your off-site colleagues.
  • Never worry about a participant not being able to join - ReadyTalk is MAC, PC & Linux compatible

UC Berkeley has negotiated special rates from ReadyTalk for their employees:
Audio Conferencing: $0.023
Web Conferencing: $0.00


For More Information Contact:

Telecom Conference Call Services
2484 Shattuck Ave. Mail Code 4894
Berkeley, CA 94720