The Road to Revenue Virtual Tour is an online forum for demand marketers to see what’s making their peers successful. It’s an extension of Eloqua’s Road to Revenue 2013 in-person tour. Below you can access the presentations of the individual speakers.

The Virtual Road to Revenue: How Modern Marketers Connect

Block 2: Planning and Calendaring for Content Marketing Success
Find out how to create and efficient and successful content marketing factory within your organization.
Toby Murdock, CEO & Co-Founder, Kapost
Block 6: Using Account-Based Selling Model to Drive Marketing & Sales Alignment
Learn how Demandbase aligns its marketing and sales team around and account-based selling model to drive success.
Shari Johnston, Director of Integrated Marketing, Demandbase
Block 3: Eloqua Product Spotlight - New Marketing Calendar Inside of Eloqua
How to use it to better organize your Eloqua emails and campaigns inside the new Kapost Calendar Beta App.
Stephen Streich, Sr. Director - Product Management,  Oracle | Eloqua
Mike Lewis, Co-Founder & President, Kapost

Block 4: 7 Tips for Leveraging Webinars Throughout the Funnel
Webinars are not a "one size fits all" campaign. Learn how to craft webinar campaigns that resonate with buyers at different stages of the funnel.
Anita Wehnert, Director of Product Strategy, ReadyTalk
Block 5: How to Make Your Nurturing Programs Work
UBM discusses the state of customer management, nurturing practices today and what the new approach looks like.
Jonathan Vlock, Director of Client Marketing Strategy, UBM Tech

Block 1: Defining the Modern Marketer - From Real to Ideal
Learn how the 5 tenants of Modern Marketing form the basis of how marketers can use people, process and data to transform their practices from real to ideal.
Alex Shootman, SVP, Oracle | Eloqua
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