A great presentation persuades and inspires; a poor presentation damages confidence in the ideas and the organization behind them. This set of tools will help you to optimize three critical factors for presenting a successful webinar - content, medium and delivery.

Beyond the Slide Deck Webinar Toolkit

Finding the right platform
Web Conferencing Vendor Evaluation Tool Use this evaluation tool to compare potential webinar solutions. For each parameter, rank vendors based on their ability to deliver on your requirements.
Delivering a message that sticks
Webinar Presenter Evaluation ToolUse this tool to compare potential webinar presenters. For each parameter, rank presenters based on the information you have. Change the decision making criterion to address your needs.

Creating the right content
Webinar Topic Mapping Template - Use this template to document and map "Webinar Topics" to each of your buyer personas based on their stage in the buying cycle.
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